BeBees - Actualizações

Changes between 3.0.2 and 3.0.3

New feature: The option to send attackers and defenders of colony to the alliance colonies was added [denis] New feature: Show the possibilities of premium users [denis] New feature: Added new rule to MultiAccount Protection [denis] New feature: Added possibility to relocation colony in another world without own colony hive [denis] New feature: On the colony military page added a new button "Attack with All" [denis] New feature: If user is blocked in the chat he will get system message [denis] New feature: Increased time interval for upgrade battle strength ( attackers and defenders ) [denis] New feature: Increased exchange rate for time shortened in training loop [denis] Fixed: Login problem - some users can't enter the game [denis] Fixed: Fixed some text messages and translations [denis] Fixed: Blinking message button [denis]

Changes between 3.0.1 and 3.0.2

New feature: Added global profile for users and colonies with statistics [denis] New feature: Added global statistics of hero and possibility fights with ants and bugs [denis] New feature: The minimal queen chamber level to enter mixed world is decreased from 25 to 5 [denis] New feature: Added month sub statistics for BeBees [denis] New feature: Added new option for gatherer bees - scan the surrounding area [denis] New feature: Hero item "Increase Herofight Power" was included in the meadows fights [denis] New feature: Daily payments for premium users increased to 5 GR [denis] New feature: The building time for new users was reduced [denis] New feature: We can see his current world in the user's profile [denis] New feature: The option ( GR History ) to track all GR operations was added [denis] New feature: Added "Pre SaveRoom" for save new defender bees [denis]

Changes between 3.0.0 and 3.0.1

New feature: Added one mixed world with bees, ants and bugs [denis] New feature: Added global month events per all games ( bebees, beants and bebugs ) [denis] New feature: Added possibility to relocation colony in another world [denis] New feature: Added new global month events [denis] New feature: Added wind effect for reality [denis] New feature: Added auto remove empty specials on map [denis] Fixed: Fights of heros [denis]

Changes between 2.0.4 and 3.0.0

New feature: Added sendbox meadow for users with queen chamber level less 5 [denis] New feature: Added two new chats "World chat" and "Bebees chat" [denis] New feature: Added global profile for users and colonies [denis]

Changes between 2.0.3 and 2.0.4

New feature: Added preview function to colony news [denis] New feature: Added estimate fly time into colony military page for attack [denis] New feature: Added the ability to attack special for users who played only defender bees [denis] New feature: Added more ability into chat for lock and remove messages [denis] Fixed: Added the ability to lock colony if she has less 5 members [denis] Fixed: Fight report with specials [denis] Fixed: Added users in the holidays mode into heros statistic list [denis] Fixed: Building 5x/10x/25x/50x gatherer bees in colony hive [denis] Fixed: Warnings and notice when colony hive attack or gathering specials [denis] Fixed: Gathering honey, gelee royal in the colony hive and in the specials [denis] Fixed: Colony donation list [denis] Fixed: Attack from colony hive when target has less 75% building points [denis] Fixed: Rewrite algorithm for hero dealer bag [denis] Fixed: Members of alliance dont spy or sabotage for the other members his alliance [denis]

Changes between 2.0.2 and 2.0.3

Update: Colony admins can use Colony Jelly Royal to change it into honey [denis] Update: Add read/unread symbol in view of colony news folder [denis] Update: Add protection from bots attack [denis] Update: Add dotation/tax statistics table in view of colony page [denis] Update: Purchase confirmation at market page [denis] Update: Market items descriptions' extended at market page [denis] Fixed: Display members of Alliance on big map [denis] Fixed: Graphics in Player vs. Colony fight reports was missing sometimes [denis] Fixed: Colony hive can't attack player with strength 75% less then Colony one [denis] Fixed: Bees losses were wrongly calculated for Colony vs. PLayer attacks sometimes [denis] Fixed: When alliance is canceled all backup bees sent from member of one colony to member of another colony are sent back to owners [denis] Fixed: Market item increasing attack protection is correnctly calculated when hive is being attacked by colony hive [denis] Fixed: Hero level was wrongly displayed in fight reports in some cases [denis]

Changes between 2.0.1 and 2.0.2

New feature: Colony messages are possible to enable/disable in own settings for recieve [denis] Update: Performance optimization [denis] Fixed: Moving the hive on the map ( Internet Explorer 8 ) [denis]

Changes between 2.0.0 and 2.0.1

New feature: Alliance chat [denis] Fixed: Colony avatar in colony fight reports [denis] Fixed: New filter for hero items bag [denis] Fixed: Uploadable colony avatar [denis] Fixed: Display members of Alliance on big map [denis] Fixed: Forwarding a private message and sending global messages to colony members [denis] Fixed: The "recall marked" button in queens chamber [denis] Fixed: Military minister roles for attack on specials [denis] Fixed: Add "Attack" button inside fight report [denis] Fixed: Counting bees when sending backup to colomy member or colony hive [denis]

Changes between 1.6.5 and 2.0.0

Update: Diplomatic status showed on info panel of hives and colony hives when clicking on map [denis] Update: Extended donations list for colony admins [denis] Update: Addional Informations for Hero Item [denis] Update: New filter for hero items bag [denis] Update: Dress/Undress in 1 click [denis] Update: It's now possible to send messages to users in Holiday mode ( H ) [denis] Update: Holiday users are shown in statistics [denis] Update: Estmated fly-time information added for all bees sending controls [denis] Update: Uploadable colony avatar [denis] Update: Colony top menu icon is blinking when you have unread colony news [denis] Update: Link to colony hive in colony profile [denis] Update: Members of your own colony and colonies which are in any diplomatic relation with your colony are shown on birdview map [denis] Update: When any member leaves colopny automatic colony news on that will be posted [denis] Update: Moderators can easier chat-block users using new in-chat tool [denis] Update: The saved targets of player are sorted in alphabetical order [denis] Bugfixing: Fixed upgrade time in the development of colony hive [denis] Bugfixing: Positions and pages of statistics works correct now. [denis] Bugfixing: Fight report displayed wrong loose counts for attackers when they are defeated in CH vs. CH fight [denis] New feature: Forwarding of defender bees [denis] New feature: Group message to all colony members [denis] New feature: Specials are attackable from colony hive [denis] New market item: BePorter increase the number of moveable rings [denis]

Changes between 1.6.3 and 1.6.4

Fixed: Nightly clean up of hero item slots for part of players [valera] Update: Hero's special item increasing fly speed of backup bees now counts from the player who initiated return/recall of bees, so it won't be the bees owner all the time now [valera] Update: All players now have name change countdown timer [valera] New feature: You can send your backup defenders from one player to another without need to return them home first [valera]

Changes between 1.6.2 and 1.6.3

Fixed: Some types of reports were not forwardable in IE [valera] Fixed: Hive and colony icons on full map were displaced when scrolling [valera] Fixed: It were possible to refresh hero dealer items for free if you're non-premium player with 0 RJ [valera] Fixed: Debug message removed from some colony hive pages [valera] Fixed: Automatic unblock of blocked players are corrected [valera] Update: "Hive" and "Colony" map modes are easily switched and indicated via new buttons below "Normal" - "Full" map switcher [valera] Update: All colony members can navigate through colony hive pages, but in read-only mode if corresponding colony roles are missing [valera]

Changes between 1.6.1 and 1.6.2

Fixed: Colony hive upgrades queue works correct [valera] Fixed: When colony assigns new owner, he gots full rights in colony hive correctly [valera] Fixed: Special's sabotage with several saboteurs at once calculates correct casualties now [valera] Fixed: Colony hive movement was working wrong for some time [valera] Update: Map moves descriptions updated for colony hive move [valera] Update: It's allowed to send own defenders to members of another alliance colony [valera] Update: Your bees at or from alliance members showed in red color in the queen page lists, and your bees at colony hives of alliance colonies - in green [valera] New feature: Colony hives are allowed to attack players now [valera] New feature: Premium players got possibility to move their hives randomly [valera] New feature: It's not allowed to attack players which are not member of any colony and much weaker then you [valera] New market item: AttackProtection - protects your hive and bees against any attacks, but only you're peacefull by yourself [valera]

Changes between 1.6.0 and 1.6.1

Fixed: All types of honey and *kills statistics are affected by colony hive attacks, where any players' bees are participated [valera] Fixed: If player who has any role in colony hive leaves his colony, he still get corresponding notifications from old colony hive [valera] Fixed: When you shorten time for colony hive orders/trainings you see colony hive's RJ count, instead of your own RJ count [valera] Fixed: Players without corresponding rights, were able to see colony hive pages by opening corresponding link [valera] Fixed: Chat in the queen chamber was broken if you have any bees supporting your colony hive, only for DE version [valera] Fixed: When you spent honey or RJ on colony hive pages, corresponding counts in Colony hive submenu aren't updated automatically [valera] Fixed: Now all players who's troops taking part in colony hive battle will get fight reports. Applied for both supporting attackers and supporting defenders [valera] Fixed: Building time for colony hive facilities increases by the level now [valera] Fixed: Colony hive support list was missed if your own hive has no defender cells [valera] Fixed: Some translations in DE and RU were fixed [valera] Fixed: Spy reports from players to colony hive shows backup count correctly now [valera] Fixed: Colony hive Scout bee now cost some RJ also [valera] Updated: Colonies are auto-searched now when you type colony name. Updated for map page and all colony hive pages [valera] Updated: Premium players can select any clony hive page for their Home button for faster access [valera] Updated: Minimal tax value in colony hive changed from 5% to 0% [valera] Updated: New Formula for protected Honey in Colony Hive [valera]

Changes between 1.5.7 and 1.6.0

New feature: Colony gets own Hive [valera] New feature: Players can choose decoration fonts in profile/colony design [mixadior] New feature: New Hero special item "Gatherer Fly-Speed Increase" [mixadior] New feature: Hero items’ slots can be named [mixadior] New feature: Allow indication of players with shared internet connection [mixadior] New feature: Often attacks to the same victim from 1 IP will be blocked [mixadior] Update: When player choosing colony-mate to send backup, he see fly time [mixadior] Update: New rings creation procedure optimized [mixadior] Update: ‘Attack is coming' notifications now delivered to all players, having backup at defender’s hive [mixadior] Update: Holidays starts at time of holiday declaration, instead of start of the day [mixadior] Update: Fight, agent, sabotage, and gathering reports now forward-able [mixadior] Update: Broadcast messages from admins arrive to players’ inboxes as well [mixadior] Update: Market and Hero items can be manipulated without drag’n’drop (mobile players got profit) [mixadior] Update: You can save up to 10 hero item slots now [mixadior] Update: New configuration options for users, which will hide custom design of other players when viewing profiles [mixadior] Update: informational popups are now positioned without scrolling to the top of the screen [mixadior]

Changes between 1.5.6 and 1.5.7

Update: Saboteurs can be sent to Special in groups, any number up to max. available in one click [valera]

Changes between 1.5.5 and 1.5.6

New feature: Brand new 3D Bee world map [stefan, valera] New feature: Call all outside standing defender bees back home with 1 button [mixadior] Update: Heros who has no fights during the day automatically get -1 to their ranks [mixadior] Update: Heros standing on lower positions (bigger rank #) can jump more steps after 1 Hero fight: [mixadior]

- If attacking hero has rank 1 - 500, he can move +/- 1 position only

- If attacking hero has rank 501 - 1.000, he can move +/- 5 positions

- If attacking hero has rank 1.001 - 10.000, he can move +/- 10 positions

- If attacking hero has rank more then 10.001 he can move +/- 20 positions

Update: Confirm hero items preset save with Yes/No message [mixadior] Update: Your defenders coming home from backup notification [mixadior] Update: Now all players who has their backup bees in attacked hive will get fight reports, even if they have no losses in the battle [valera]

Changes between 1.5.4 and 1.5.5

New feature: BeBees Heros have got their own statistics [mixadior] Update: B-attack notifications now uses nicknames instead of usernames and nicknames are links to profiles [valera] Update: Backup Attack messages are showed now with (B) in front of the messages [valera]

Changes between 1.5.3 and 1.5.4

Update: Hero special items which you see in dealer consider Cells and Specialists you have, so you will see there only those kinds of items, you can use now in your hive Update: If attacked hive has backup bees inside and is Premium status or Scouts, all backup owners will receive attack is coming notification. This can be disabled in Profile/Settings though. Fixed: Flower hive move was not working since 1.5.3

Changes between 1.5.2 and 1.5.3

New feature: You can save currently equipped Hero items as preset for fast dressing this preset in future [mixadior] Update: minor EN language corrections [valera]

Changes between 1.5.1 and 1.5.2

Fixed: Hero special item 'Defenders safe rate', when applied to backup bees produced wrong stats claculations [valera] Fixed: When browsing colony's stats for specific colony name, you were landing on wrong page [valera] Fixed: JS error in IE for market/hero items filters [valera] Update: When you forward PM, author's nickname and Id will be added to new message automatically [valera] Update: English translation update: all 'killer' bees become 'attacker' bees; 'Fields upgrade' texts translated from DE [valera] Update: When backup bees flying back home, you see player name who hosted your bees before instead of your own name [valera]

Changes between 1.5.0 and 1.5.1

New feature: You can now preview private message before you send it [mixadior] New feature: Colony members listed in drop down for fast selection of backup target [mixadior] New feature: "Send all Backup Bees Home" Button [mixadior] New feature: Hero items stored in your bag can be filtered by types [mixadior] New feature: Market items can be filtered by types, both dealer items and your items [mixadior] New premium feature: Specialists can be build in automatically repeated loops, x5, x10, x25, x50 [valera] Fixed: In some cases attacking and gathering reports were doubled [valera] Fixed: When several BeeProtectors overlaps each other, the one, which lasts longer will still protect complete square of X*X cells, including overlapped area [valera] Fixed: Hero fight reports produced errors sometimes, when there are too many items in Hero's bag [valera] Fixed: Hero's special item 'Defenders safe rate' is now counted for backup bees too [valera] Fixed: Unlogical fight casualities when many attackers fights with 1 defender, but queen level of defender is grater then attacker's one [valera] Fixed: When Holida mode is finished, you won't be asked if you want to brake Holiday mode or not [valera] Update: Nick and hive names now can contain only alphabetic letters, digits, point, minus, underscore and space [valera] Update: Countdown timer for next possible move on the map page [mixadior] Update: Market link moved to main menu for faster access [stefan] Update: Players names become links in successful Guard/Scout and other reports [valera] Update: Colonies with 0 active members aren't shown in colonies' stats pages [valera] Update: Informational popup for activated market items added [mixadior] Update: When you're sending your attackers to enemy hive, you can see how much time your bees will fly [mixadior] Update: Premium users can select Market page for home button link [mixadior]

Changes between 1.4.11 and 1.5.0

New feature: Market - allows you to buy and activate special goods which advance your gameplay and/or increase abilities and skills of your bees and Hero. Fixed: Repeating GR->Honey exchange when opening exchange popup several times in a row without page reloading. Fixed: Fixed: Month stats archive now is searchable by username Fixed: Unlogical losses when defender has 10x more defenders then attackers Fixed: If during a fight all winner's bees are killed, he'll be a winner anyway and will always have at least 1 survivor Fixed: Hero special item, decreasing agents flytime now works also for spy-flights to Specials Update: You can choose any number of days of your Holiday Mode in range from 1 to 20 days Update: Special attackers report with fail because of special's barrier are send to fight reports folder Update: Special spy reports got short-links to attack, sabotage, gather spied special Update: Never-logged in users will be set to inactive in 30 days Update: Bag items count - current and max - added to hero page

Changes between 1.4.10 and 1.4.11

Fixed: Hero dealer items was sometimes refreshed twice within modnight minutes (23:59 - 00:02). [valera] Fixed: Monthly stats of Experience and Building points were corrected (wasn't reset after NY). [valera] Fixed: It's possible to downgrade meadows now. [valera] Fixed: Additional information in Special spy report: date and time, when Special might disappear from the map. [valera] Fixed: Spy reports now arrives at the same time espionage happens acts, but not when Spy arrives back. [valera] Fixed: Special fight reports are now in Combat reports folder. [valera] Update: Monthly stats for previous months are saved in sub-sub menu under Monthly contest menu. [valera] Update: You can see count of your defender bees on Queen Chamber page even when you're not in colony. [valera] Update: Premium players now has even more gathering intervals, now each 0.5 hrs from 1 to 12 hrs Update: Premium players now can store unlimited number of map targets, standard players - up to 10

Changes between 1.4.9 and 1.4.10

Special hero dealer update which shows only special items for RJ. [valera] More gatherer fly times options for premium players. [valera] Ring number is showed in hive info when selecting any hive on the map. [valera] Smileys in colony news are now supported. [valera] Colony admins and colony news owners can edit news subject and text now. [valera] Colony hopping delay can be canceled for RJ. [valera] New statistic added: Gathered honey, which shows all honey, collected by gatherers. [valera] Holiday mode feature, which allows you to go on holidays with no afraid about your honey and bees, they'll stay untouchable . [valera]

Changes between 1.4.8 and 1.4.9

New Month event statistics. [valera] If player, who defends against attack is using Hero's special item which reduces defenders lost rate, and attacker wins, attacker gets to his Kills and Win-Kills stats full number of bees, without respecting special item' effect. [valera] Fixed: sometimes in fight reports was possible a case, when attack has more then 1 wave and attacker loose a fight against 0 defenders. [valera] Fixed: when you're moving your hive to a cell with a flower but changing desired place several times (rejecting confirmation) it were possible that you'll move to wrong position. [valera] Lost honey and Honey, netto statistics were added to colony pages. [valera] Fixed: Win-Def-Kills stats calculation was doubled last days, and we've decreased a bit Win-Def-Kills stats for players who got Win-Def-Kills more then Def-Kills. [valera]

Changes between 1.4.7 and 1.4.8

Fixed: When player comes back to game after several days of inactivity, his hive stops honey generation for some time. [valera] Fixed: When player starts bees trainings and logs out, his bees will be ready when their training time finished, but now at next login. [valera] Fixed: Users who become Premium for the first time sometimes got redundant Royal jelly. [valera] On Gatherer bee chamber page block "Train gatherer bees" is placed above the block "Gather Special". [valera]

Changes between 1.4.6 and 1.4.7

Fixed: Messages Archive folder limitation for non-premium users wasn't recalculated after deletion of achieved message. [valera] Hero special item 'Reduce lost rate of Attackers' considered when fighting with Speical's defenders. [valera] Chat autoload is disabled by default for premium users and can be enadled on profile settings page. [valera] Colony owner icon added to members list of colony view page. [valera] Fixed: sometimes current hive population were displayed higher then max population. [valera] You now can choose what types of notifications you don't want to receive. [valera] You can scroll the map to any of your saved Specials by selecting corresponding Special # from your targets list. [valera] When Special is finished and removed from the map, corresponding saved map targets are also removed automatically. [valera] You now can send gatherers to gather Special from gathering cell. [valera] Fixed: When Special is finished and removed from the map, all bees flying to that Special are coming back to hive, the same time they are already in the air. [valera]

Changes between 1.4.5 and 1.4.6

When cell is destroyed, Finished cells count is decreased for the number of destroyed levels. [valera] New names for October statistic values. [valera] When special is deleted all bees flying to corresponding specials are coming back. [valera] Fixed: Display bug in messages archive folder when sended and/or recipient has long names. [valera] Speed month Hive per bee calculation changed: average from max hive population during the day and then month is used instead of free worker bees in hive. [valera]

Changes between 1.4.4 and 1.4.5

Fixed: hives, saved to map targets now can be deleted. [valera] Hero's special "Hero fight power increase" was renamed in DE to "Heldenattribute erhohen". [valera] Max building time of cells was decreased respecting October's 50% time rule. [valera] Date and time of next October contest statistic given on corresponding statistics pages. [valera] Fixed: Hero special item increasing Hero Fightpower doesn't counted during Killer bees attack. [valera] Fixed: chat autoload controls for premium users caused layout issues on Profile edit page. [valera] When you try to attack admin hive, your bees are so shocked about that, that they're flying back 4x times slowly and only half of them will be back in fact. [valera]

Changes between 1.4.3 and 1.4.4

New statistic pages for October Speed Month. [valera] Fixed: when you tried to send bees to non-existent special, you saw system error message. [valera] Hero parameters calculation formula for heros having special item 'Increase Herofight Power' is changed, now it's ( Hero Strength + Hero Items Strength) * Special (plus) %, and the same for other parameters. This gives you higher values by the way. [valera] Fixed: Player rank displayed in profile page may vary a bit from exact one, displayed in stats page. [valera] Usernames containing "=" was cut before "=" when displayed in messages (hero fight etc.) [valera] Special as fly target in flight queue is advanced with number: Special #43 (DE language issue). [valera] Premium users can en-/dis-able chat autoload for almost any type of cell/page. [valera] Fixed: when attacking special Hero item with ability "Increase strength of killer bees" is counted. [valera] Broken display of messages with long titles fixed. [valera]

Changes between 1.4.2 and 1.4.3

Server time value added to top right corner of each page. [valera] Performance optimizations for in-game and background processes. [valera] Colony statictics fro Honey Lost and Honey Netto are now calculated. [valera] It's possible to preview complete colony page when editing colony description before saving final variant. [valera] Favourite map targets list introduced, which allows users save several targets (hives or specials) from the map and accecss them fast when attacking, sending saboteurs etc. [valera]

Changes between 1.4.1 and 1.4.2

The problem with delayed attacks is fixed, now attacks should happen at the same time your 'Attack is coming' warning reports are saying. [valera] Fixed: when hero fight report or battle report is deleted, it's title was listed for some more time in last 2 messages panel in status bar. [valera] Fixed: Deleting all messages in folder caused deletion of archived messages of the corresponding type also. [valera] Hero special item which increases Hero's strength now considered when displaying hero strength value. [valera] Hero fight reports now display correct values of Hero's strength, agility, stamina and intelligence. [valera]

Changes between 1.4.0 and 1.4.1

Fixed Hero strength display when hero have special item increasing it's strength. [valera] Some wrong text issues fixed. [valera] Player can't delete defender chamber when it's defenders are on backup in another hive. [valera] Dynamic JR exchange rates starting from queen chamber level 10, and applied to exchange of royal jelly to honey and shortening construction time. [valera] If user exceeds hero bag limit, he still can sell, dress and undress items, but only limited in purchasing new ones. [valera]

Changes between 1.3.5 and 1.4.0

Moderator Panel Functions enhanced. [valera] Nickname and hive name can be changed any time for 50 royal jelly. [valera] Nickname's length is limited to 3 characters as minimum. [valera] You can now give a name to your hive, which will be shown on the map. [valera] Premium users can train Attackers, Defenders and Gatheres in repeating loops, e.g. "train 10 bees and repeat 5 times" will produce 50 bees, but each 10 of them will be available faster then training 50 at once. [valera] New statistic pages: Lost honey and Honey, netto, first shows how much honey was stolen, second - difference between captured and stolen honey. [valera] It's possible now to relocate your hive to a cell with Flower for extra Royal Jelly. [valera] Rates of exchange of Gelee Royal to Honey or Time are now increasing dynamically with hive growing. [valera] Added possibility to forward message from your inbox to another player. [valera] Now premium players got possibility to send their gatherer bees for up to 24/48 hours expeditions. [valera] Max capacity of Hero items bag was changed: premium players can now store up to 10 items, and other players - up to 5 items. [valera] 'Previous message' and 'Next message' arrows added to message read page, allowing navigating through messages of the folder you read now. [valera] Now it's possible to delete all messages from any folder at once. [valera] It's also possible to delete all system messages from inbox with 1 button. [valera] There is new Unread folder for all new incoming messages added. [valera] New Archive folder in messages for storing messages for future reference and preventing them from auto clearing. Player with premium account can save unlimited messages, free players only 20 messages. [valera] Flower bonus icon added to colony members statistic pages. [valera] New Hero special items' effects:

- Increase Hero Strength

- Increase Gatherers' tanks capacity

- Speed up Destroyer work

- Increase successfull sabotage chance

- Increase successfull spionage chance

- Increase chance for Guard to win against Saboteur or Spy

- Reduce lost rate of Defenders during attack

- Reduce lost rate of Attackers during attack

Additional information in status bar: number of free workers and current honey production rate. [valera] Special icon in colony members list indicating colony owner. [valera] Shield's Block parameter can't raise more then 50% on any Hero level. [valera] Premium players can send their gatherers for just 30 min expedition. [valera] Special map items added to BeBees, which are objects similar to hives, but having no owners and allowing any players to collect some Honey and/or Royal Gelee from it. [valera]

Changes between 1.3.4 and 1.3.5

Hive relocation procedures were refactored and all hives relocation issues were fixed. [valera] Border line between rings on the map was added. [valera] When player leaves or kicked off the colony, his defenders which are currently on backup in other colony hives or in fly will return to player automatically. And if there are any backup bees from other hives in the player's hive at the moment or just flying to this hive, they also will fly back home automatically. [valera]

Changes between 1.3.3 and 1.3.4

Hero special item which increases flying speed of backup bees now affects also returning fly. [valera] Now you can send backup bees from other player back to the player. [valera] Hive move for 100GR doesn't affect days count till next free move. [valera] Fixed a bug, when players' hives were relocated to wrong position sometimes. [valera] New map mode added, which allows to see whole BeBees map and better understand your current location and relocation possibilities. [valera]

Changes between 1.3.2 and 1.3.3

Thousand separator added for Working bees, Honey and Royal jelly counts on the top bar. [valera] Max number of losses during long gathering expeditions is lowered. [valera] Non-premium players can move their hives to desired location within current ring each 10 days for 5 GR. [valera]

Changes between 1.3.1 and 1.3.2

Automatic redirect to Hive page after initiating upgrade of Meadows. [valera] Show Hero/Special as zero in battle reports for defending hive with no defenders, but with hero having corresponding special item(s). [valera] Ring-Position added to Player's profile page. [valera] Maximum time limits are set for hive cells construction/upgrade. [valera] Hive relocation price and rules were changed. [valera]

Changes between 1.3.0 and 1.3.1

Fixed a bag with wrong dispaly of profile and colony pages containing "&"-sign in their names. [valera] Formula of Special (plus) value calculation for Hero items with special features was updated. [valera]

Changes between 1.2.0 and 1.3.0

Fixed a bug, which shows a false time in a notice of a fight, so there were different infos about the next fight. Rev. [stefan] Flags of the countries are now shown in the map. Rev. [stefan] Fixed: recruitments of specialist bees were processed only on user login, now - continuously Rev. 2567 [valera] Fixed JS error in username autocompletion boxes (IE6) Rev. 2559 [valera] Lanugage support added for Spanish, Russian, French and Portuguese. Rev. 2468 [tom] Chat whitelisting feature added for premium users. Rev. 2450 [valera] The shown date in profile settings for earliest possible nickname update was wrong. Rev. 2432 [tom] Legend for statistic main page added. Rev. 2426 [tom] Fight reports optimized: Now reports based on a calculated strength only. Rev. 2425 [tom] User can join or create colony only in 72 hrs after leaving or closing previous colony. Rev. 2424 [valera] Fixed an issue, that Won-Defkills was not credited for backers. Rev. 2406 [tom]

Changes between 1.1.2 and 1.2.0

Fixed an issue at destroying cells, that only 1 hour was needed for shorten time with gelee royal. Rev. 2271 [tom] Static pages were extended by arrows, showing rank changes (up, down, flat) and flags of user's countries. Rev. 2270 [valera] Added renaming of colonies in colony settings. Rev. 2257 [tom] Fixed an issue, that the user's timezone settings was not used in scout reports and in notfications of sabotaged cells. Rev. 2250 [tom] Colony admins can cancel invitations, which aren't accepted yet. When invitation is cancelled invitee will get notification. Rev. 2249 [valera] Premium users get 2 Gelee Royal daily for free. Rev. 2222 [valera] Fixed: when you want to skip Hero fighting waiting time for GR but defender has no hero, GR wont be deducted from your account. Rev. 2212 [valera] Hero type can be changed with Gelee Royal. Rev. 2208 [valera] New statistic pages: Won-Kills (amount of kills in won attacks) and Won-Def-Kills (amount of kills in won defends). Rev. 2177, 2195, 2196 [valera] Url structure updated to [lang] for internationalization. Rev. 2166 [tom] Messages and colony news pagers altered: when non existing page requested, 1st page will be shown. Rev. 2164 [valera] For direct access in lists like stats and messages an input field was added for each pager. Rev. 2145 [tom] Nickname can now changed in profile settings. Rev. 2144 [tom] On cancellation of training working bees are rewarded back. Rev. 2125 [valera] Hero shield block value was lowered to balance high hero levels. Rev. 2124 [valera] New feature: premium players can update dealer 1 time per day for free. Rev. 2122 [valera]

Changes between 1.1.1 and 1.1.2

Profile settings remembers now the latest saved value for home button. Rev. 2146 [valera] Fixing an issue, that username with square brackets are not shown in chat. Rev. 2146 [tom] Fixed an issue, that the county field was not visible in registration form. Rev. 2146 [tom]

Changes between 1.1.0 and 1.1.1

Fixed time of flying home for saboteur who wins against guard/scout but sabotage itself was failed. Rev. 2116 [valera] Players with numeric usernames can now be shown in map. Rev. 2095 [tom] Fixed an issue, that a login on the english homepage not automatically loads the english ingame pages. Rev. 2095 [tom] Fixed an url encoding issue, that templates could not be loaded if the username contained special characters. Rev. 2090 [tom] In some cases fight reports were not generated if scout bees were involved. Rev. 2089 [valera] Fixed an issue, that specialists were not killed by guards. Rev. 2076 [tom] Fixed an issue, that the combat reports shows wrong stats. Rev. 2075 [tom]

Changes between 1.0.9 and 1.1.0

Fixed an error which does not give back the 50% of costs for premium users if the user abort a cell upgrade. Rev. 2068 [tom] For premium users all gatheres can be send off in queens cell. Rev. 2068 [tom] Now its not permitted anymore to spy and sabotage colony members. Rev. 2068 [tom] The chat will automatically loaded for premium users. Rev. 2068 [tom] The link of the home button is in the profile setting changeable. Rev. 2068 [valera] The new specialist scout is now available, which gives users information about incoming attacks. Rev. 2068 [valera] Sabotage rule added. A cell can be sabotate only one time a day. Rev. 2068 [valera] Each kind of specialists has its own queue for training now. Rev. 2068 [tom] Added small country flags to the profile template. Rev. 2048 [stefan] Improved styles for the flower power, oh i mean flower bonus ;-). Rev. 2036 [stefan] Error in meta title of the meadows fixed. Rev. 2034 [stefan] Added and created blacklist styles and added a switch for the wiki link in footer. Rev. 2029 [stefan] Blacklist feature. Now users can ignore chat posts and/or messages from another users by putting them into blacklist. Rev. 2006 [valera] Fixed css issues for ie6 and in the statusbox. Rev. 1995 [stefan] Added dialog for changing owner in colony settings. Rev. 1993 [tom] Added smiley preview in chat. Rev. 1988 [stefan] Birthrate of queen tweaked. Rev. 1981 [tom] When number of attacking bees is equal or lower then 20% of total defender + backup bees, attacker receives only brief massage that his attack was "devastating beaten" with no details and rounds info. Rev. 1977 [valera] The hours of gatherer expeditions, which are greater than the max. hours by standard accounts, will not used for the calculation of losses anynmore. Rev. 1963 [tom] Flower bonus added: Now every user who have no attackers waiting in his hive or flying, gets additional 15% to honey production rate (both meadows and gathering) and such users are marked with flower icon on statistics pages. Rev. 1961 [valera] Changes days in months on premium page. Rev. 1958 [stefan] Added favicon. Rev. 1949 [stefan] Fixed IE6 CSS error. These occurs in the statusbox, at the avatar in profile view and profile edit and in the headerimage in fight report and hero fight report. Rev. 1940 [stefan] Update interval for honey production and birth of worker bees added in admin panel. Default value is reduced to 60 seconds but is changeable at runtime. Rev. 1934 [tom]

Changes between 1.0.8 and 1.0.9

CSS issues in profile view fixed. Rev. 1922 [stefan] Revised the formula for the calculation of item costs downward. Rev. 1916 [tom] Fixed an issue in fight reports, that backup bees go into next round if they lost already. Rev. 1916 [tom]

Changes between 1.0.7 and 1.0.8

Cron Job did not process queue entries. Rev. 1905 [tom] Changed and moved item dealer box and item bag box a little bit. Rev. 1904 [stefan] An error message will be shown if the profile was not found. Rev. 1881 [tom] Fixed an issue, that the colony was not shown in map after executing a search. Rev. 1877 [tom] Fixed a javascript issue, that the identifier of help button was double assigned in hero page. Rev. 1876 [tom] Add combats to fight reports if someone will be attacked several times by the same user. Rev. 1875 [tom] Hero items cost in honey was increased in 10 times. Rev. 1873 [valera] Fixed an issue, that user gets wrong hero items' info when buying several items of the same type Rev. 1871 [valera] Usernames with german "Umlaute" were not taken over into the queen cell correctly, if the user clicks on attack etc. Rev. 1868 [tom] Fixed a bug with periodical missing special ability name for super items. Rev. 1866 [valera] Fixed an issue, that users from BigPoint portal got always the activation email in german only. Rev. 1865 [tom]

Changes between 1.0.6 and 1.0.7

Fixed css issue in fightreport. Rev. 1828 [stefan] Fixed an issue, that reducing the time of queue entries with Gelee Royal altered not only the selected one. Rev. 1826 [tom] Add fight reports for newbies. Rev. 1825 [tom] Changed cursor to a pointer if the mouse is over a hero item. Rev. 1823 [stefan] Added won and lost picture to the hero fight reports. Rev. 1821 [stefan] Fixed a major issue, that queue entries were not updated if a cell was destroyed. Rev. 1818 [tom]

Changes between 1.0.5 and 1.0.6

Premium users can now place up to 5 orders. Rev. 1789 [tom] Fixed an issue, that no attacker or defender bees could be sent if only one of several cells was sabotaged. Rev. 1788 [tom] Added won and lost picture to the fight reports and corrected text errors. Rev. 1780 [stefan] Stats points added to map. Rev. 1770 [tom] Implemented a feature request, that the backers get fight reports too. Rev. 1769 [tom] Fixed an issues, that the username was not filled out if the user clicked on the sabotage button in profile. Rev. 1767 [tom] Extended fight report with fight statistic, includes kills, def-kills and backup. Rev. 1766 [stefan] Deff-kills for backers will now recognized during fights. Rev. 1760 [tom] Fixed an issue, that wrong honey was shown in fight reports. Rev. 1758 [tom] All colony member can write a colony news. Rev. 1753 [stefan]

Changes between 1.0.4 and 1.0.5

Backup bees will now shown in spy report. Rev. 1733 [tom] Corrected text errors in messages. Created styles for spy report. Rev. 1732 [stefan] Fixed an issue, that no spy and saboteur reports were not sent if the user was offline. Rev. 1731 [tom] Now the time will show in error message if a cell was sabotaged. Rev. 1731 [tom] If the order list was full and the user tried to use a destroyer to dismantling the cell a wrong error message appeared. Rev. 1721 [tom] Autocomplete function will not shown anymore a message if no result was found. Rev. 1721 [tom] Ranking fixed in stats of colony profiles and settings. Rev. 1721 [tom] Active chat will be stored for mods too if they switched the page. Rev. 1721 [tom] Hives will shown in map as leaved, if the user was not logged for a specified period of time. Rev. 1721 [tom] Message history will not shown anymore if only one message exists in history. Rev. 1721 [tom] Corrected text errors in meadows, cells and in the map. Rev. 1720 [stefan]

Changes between 1.0.3 and 1.0.4

A wrong error message in the queen cell was shown, if an attacker or defender cell was sabotaged and the user tried to send bees. Rev. 1685 [tom] Fixed an issue, that the search in map, profiles and stats was not working if the username contained german umlaute. Rev. 1679 [tom] Detailed fight reports are now open for everyone. Rev. 1676 [tom] Username from sender of backup bees now will be shown correctly in queen cell. Rev. 1676 [tom] Fixed an issue that values like honey, bees etc. increased topless. Rev. 1676 [tom] Fixed an issue that the colonies stats was not shown by several users. Rev. 1676 [tom] Fixed a javascript parse error in map if the hive was not positioned yet. Rev. 1668 [tom] Fixed an issue that the background color and image was not show in colony detail page. Rev. 1668 [tom]

Changes between 1.0.2 and 1.0.3

Pictures of the hive in the map trimmed to the valentine`s day. Rev. 1684 [stefan] Changed the pictures of the meadows in the map. Rev. 1683 [stefan] Added and included valentine`s day header graphic. Rev. 1682 [stefan] Changes in the text english register page. Rev. 1678 [stefan] Changes in the text of the imprint. Rev. 1671 [stefan] Added resized smilies and replaced relocation text in premium page. Rev. 1666 [stefan] Added title tags for the cells in the hive. Rev. 1661 [stefan] Supersized the link to enable the chat. Rev. 1656 [stefan] Fixed an issues which makes the map very slowly. Rev. 1651 [tom] Added changes in german and added a lang query to all links that the changes are in the right language. Rev. 1648, 1649 [stefan] Fixed an issue that the chat of colonies was emptied wrongly. Rev. 1642 [tom] Updated the map that standard accounts can move the hive by clicking on a free location too. Rev. 1640 [tom] For performance-enhancing the chat content is automatically loaded in hive only. Rev. 1638 [tom] Html autocomplete attribute added to each js autocomplete based input field. Rev. 1637 [tom]

Changes between 1.0.1 and 1.0.2

Added revenge button and rounds counter to fight reports. Rev. 1624 [tom] Fixed a javascript parse error if the user has no hero chosen. Rev. 1624 [tom] Experiences stats are now shown in colonies. Rev. 1624 [tom] Fixed some display issues in the timer of queen cell and specialists. Rev. 1624 [tom] Fixed an issue, that in some cases the design codes for profiles and colonies produced malformed html code. Rev. 1624 [tom] Autocomplete of users was not shown in colony settings. Rev. 1624 [tom] Fixed an issues that the profile delete dialog opens in a popup. Rev. 1624 [tom] In some cases the templates has been initialized twice which reduced the performance. Rev: 1624 [tom]

Changes between 1.0.0 and 1.0.1

Fixed an issues where the profile page was not loaded if the username contains only numbers. Rev: 1590 [tom] Fixed some CSS issues in IE6 and added thousands separator to stat points. Rev: 1589 [tom] Added autocomplete for search users, colonies etc. Rev: 1587 [tom] Added timeout in XX seconds before next hero fight which can be canceled for YY Gelee Royal. Rev: 1584 [valera] Fixed CSS layout issues with IE6 in map and premium page. Rev: 1579 [tom] Updated the map that the space around new hives is not so tight. Rev: 1578 [tom] The usernames color in reply message is now changing if the user is the recipient of the chat message. Rev: 1577 [tom] Tiny throbber added to each modal window. Rev: 1576 [tom] Added links to the user's profiles in all fight reports. Rev: 1576 [tom] Cells can now be moved within the hive. Rev: 1575 [tom] Now only 4 hero items generated by a dealer update. Rev: 1572 [valera] Added link for history in the in-game header. Fixing overflow issues for homepage, rules etc. Rev. 1571 [stefan] Corrected some english translation errors in message.xml. Rev. 1571 [stefan] Added link for hero fights to the map's profile information. Rev. 1570 [stefan] Language files updated for hero items. Honey and Gelee Royal costs now shown correctly in the info panel. Rev. 1568 [tom] Fixed the error messages if the user has no hero. Now the hero cannot fight with yourself anymore. Rev. 1568 [tom] Fixed an issue that admins and/or mods was shown in the statistic if there were disabled in the admin panel for displaying. Rev. 1567 [tom] Users cannot start anymore more than one cancelation request at once. Rev. 1566 [tom] Cancelation of training bees and specialists now works correctly. Rev. 1566 [tom] Replaced new written english help texts for Agents, Destroyer, Guards, Saboteur, Attacker, Defender, Gatherer, Living, Meadow, Queen, Storage and Hero. Rev. 1565 [stefan] Fixed an issue with the file based cache system and updated CMF framework to version 1.0.1. Version compare of used framework added. Rev. 1564 [tom] Hero fights reports: attacker_level and defender_level are now hero levels, but not hive levels. Rev: 1563 [valera] Replaced new logos, in german and english for the landing page and in the game header. Rev. 1561 [stefan] Replaced new written german help texts for Agents, Destroyers, Guards, Saboteur, Attacker, Defender, Gatherer, Living, Meadow, Queen, Storage and Hero. Rev. 1560 [stefan] Added agent "changes" which shows the development history of BeBees. Rev. 1559 [tom] Hero dealer items generation fixed: 25GR = 4 param, 5GR = 2 param, 1GR = 1 param. Rev. 1557 [valera]